Vehicle Telematics

Vehicle Telematics Puts Managers Behind the Wheel

Vehicle Telematics

Staying relevant means having a high-powered GPS/GSM/GPRS telematics system at your disposal. A vehicle telematics device enables a fleet manager to have a real-time fleet management tool with the ease of a desktop machine.

The future of fleet management is here. The future is vehicle telematics.

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A Smooth Ride into the Future of Fleet Management

The burden of operating a high-volume, high-octane fleet incorporates many facets of time management, talent management, and resource management.

A fleet manager or dispatcher simply cannot have too much information when it comes to the status and location of their fleet and the people employed to the man their fleet.

One of the biggest challenges managers face is keeping tabs on their fleet’s status in real time. Right now, a watershed movement in fleet communication is taking place. This is thanks, in part, to the clear technology of vehicle telematics.

Recalculate the Direction of Your Management Strategy Towards Success

Given the tight deadlines, and even tighter bottom lines that face freight and fleet carriers, the ability to temper actions based on real-time data, and up-to-the-minute status changes is an invaluable tool in reclaiming efficiency, and control over every route that is dispatched.

Industries that depend on transportation and fleet vehicles depend on vehicle telematics to help them deliver results to their clients.

Industries Thrive on Telematics Technology

The scope of industries that rely on advanced vehicle telematics technology to deliver smart, safe results include government entities, commercial enterprises, and private fleet systems.

A telematics system delivers unprecedented precision when it comes to capabilities for fuel level monitoring, security monitoring, driver updates, and real-time maintenance schedules.

Vehicle Telematics Can Drive Environmental Efforts

Every fleet manager understands how crucial keeping in line with the latest emissions and environmental compliance laws is to maintaining a business model with integrity.

That is why so many fleet managers have integrated vehicle telematics into their overall fleet management system. Vehicle telematics provides tools that encourage eco-friendly driving practices.

These eco-friendly tactics not only allow managers to keep their operation compatible with the latest emissions laws, but they also cut down on needless fuel spending and mileage waste.

Can Your Fleet Afford Not to Implement Vehicle Telematics?

Vehicle telematics have been a game-changer in the fleet industry. Respected leaders in freight and fleet have not hesitated to jump onboard with this technology.

The truth is, no freight or fleet carrier, no matter how small or specialized, can afford not to take advantage of telematics.

The cost of lost time, wasted fuel, and expensive claims due to mismanagement are simply too high to risk.

Every Vehicle Counts

Every vehicle counts towards your operation’s bottom line. A GPS/GSM/GPRS telematics system cuts away at the need for guess work, last minute changes in route, and lost time due to miscommunication.

Vehicle telematics allow a fleet manager to be active and involved in every single action that takes place regarding their fleet.

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