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Adopting Green Practices for Your Business for Earth Day

With Earth Day right around the corner, many businesses are reminded of their growing obligation to use less of the earth’s resources. Many businesses have taken large steps in order to reduce their environmental footprint and conserve resources, but no matter how many steps you’ve taken there are always a few more steps you can take.

One way that businesses are using paper in an environmentally conscious way is by using thermo mechanical pulping paper.

Every day we are reminded to use less, and conserve what we use. And as Earth Day approaches, we’re reminded even more.

The planet needs us to step up, and businesses can make small changes that dramatically reduce waste and help the planet be greener. Many of these changes won’t cost you a dime, and in fact some of them will even help you save money.

Check out these ways that your business can go green for the upcoming Earth Day, and know that you’re doing your part in the fight against environmentally destructive practices.

Environmentally Conscious Paper – the Thermo Mechanical Pulping Technology

Offices use a lot of paper, regardless of what business you run. Whether it’s memos, reports, or invoices, a lot of paper is used.

While many businesses have done a great job at cutting down paper use by using electronic methods, there still are lots of things in an office that must be printed on paper. There are many ways to use paper and still be environmentally conscious, however.

Thermo Mechanical Pulping is Green

One way that businesses are using paper in an environmentally conscious way is by using thermo mechanical pulping paper.

Traditional paper only uses about 45% of the wood fiber in order to create the paper, and the rest of the wood fiber goes to waste.

Thermo mechanical pulping paper is created by using a different process which in fact uses 90% of the wood fiber, meaning you’re getting double the product and only wasting a small bit.

TMP paper is also affordable, too, making it a great choice for businesses that want to be environmentally conscious about their paper use.

Other than that you can also…

Use Energy Saving Lighting

Artificial lighting in the office accounts for approximately 44% of the electricity that’s used in an office. That’s a lot of electricity!

There are a lot of ways to reduce that number, and one of the ways is to use ENERGY STAR rated lightbulbs. Lightbulbs that are certified by ENERGY STAR can use at least two thirds less energy than other lightbulbs, which will save you lots of dollars.

Additionally, installing timers and making sure all lights are turned off in unused rooms is a great way to slash that electricity bill and save the planet. They’re simple steps that have big results!


Simply adding a recycling station into your office can save lots of materials that would otherwise be thrown out. This includes paper, plastic, and glass bottles that would end up in landfills if they weren’t recycled.

For the best green practices, put multiple recycling stations in your office. Put one in the break room and keep one where customers are, and space them around other areas too. This will ensure people are always able to recycle when needed.

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