Satcom Antenna

In today’s fast paced world a man wants everything delivered to his doorstep. He wants entertainment, news, sports, his mails and messages etc. to be delivered to him no matter where he is and what time of the day it is. He wants to remain connected with his work or his family whenever he wishes to. He needs to have all information on his fingertips all the time.

Whether he is trekking in the Grand Canyon or fishing in Alaska, he wants to remain connected all the time. One way to achieve that is by using a satcom antenna.

First introduced by the RCA in the United States, satcom antenna has become quite a rage among people of all genres. A gift of satellite communications of the modern age, a satcom antenna is one of the latest technologies to have surfaced.

The services and products made available by this technology are used in voice, data and video applications. As the satcom technology gains popularity, more and more companies come up to provide this technology for consumer purposes.

Satcom Antenna

Satcom antenna: the How and the Where

Satcom can be thought of as an abbreviation of SATellite COMmunication. A satcom antenna has certain characteristic features. Satcom antennas can operate in frequency bands of super high and extremely high orders.

They establish microwave communication between earth stations and terminals on satellites and spacecrafts to make an alternative mode of communication.

Because the ever increasing market competition today, manufacturers produce portable and foldable antennas which look like decorative items in our drawing rooms. satcom antenna has been used effectively for receiving satellite TV at home and hence have become a household name.

Today, one can as easily tune his TV to a huge range of channels as he can count his fingertips. Satellite TVs and also DTH services bring a host of international channels into our homes by using a satcom antenna. But the most important applications of a satcom antenna are in defense. These antennas transmit data in an embedded privacy format and are thus suitable for any kind of military data transmission.

Unmanned aerial vehicles with huge satcom antenna services are available which can provide communication over a whole battlefield.

There are also satcom antennas designed for weather forecasting which give continuous update of weather data. Theis kind of a satcom antenna can be made to point at geostationary satellites and thus can receive continuous data from them.

How Did the Satcom Antenna Affect Our Lives?

The procedure of communication through satcom antenna might seem simple but a host of complex equipments come into play to make such an antenna work.

Satcom antenna has been a path breaking achievement in technology and has affected our lives in many ways.  It has brought international entertainment to our doorsteps, kept us updated about the weather and news and served in defense. Soon a sat-com antenna will be as much of a domestic necessity as a refrigerator or a TV.

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