Pex Connectors

Pex Connector

What are Pex connectors?

PEX connectors are often used to affix the flexible polyethylene pipes used in pexwater plumbing systems. The durable pex tubes are low in cost, free of problems and an alternative to metal or plastic systems.

One can avoid the troubles of corrosion and scaling when a pex system is used. In all pex connectors are a vast perfection over earlier systems that used copper or stiff plastic pipes. pex connectors are not made weak by low temperatures.

Polyethylene tubes are not expensive than metal pipes and are easier to install as they do not make use of as many fittings as metal or rigid plastic systems.

Since soldering is not done with pex piping there are neither disgusting fumes nor the risks associated of using a torch.

Types of Pex connectors

Pex connectors are usually of two types – the slide in and the easy style. The easy style refers to the crease or often called as the crimp style and can easily achieve pex piping or pex tubing.

One has to procure the required fittings. The slide on fittings is obtainable in brass as well as in plastic.

And if the crimp style ones are used, one may find that pex connectors are available in both brass and engineered plastic. One may separately buy rings that can be attached easily.

How are Pex connectors fitted?

They have been designed in such a manner that it takes only seconds to connect pipes and that too with ease.

Different types of pex Fittings can be used both with the copper crimp ring system and the stainless steel clamping system. They are beyond doubt well-suited with pex plumbing. If one uses these for pex connectors, it becomes easy to make the necessary connections and need not worry further about the quality of these fittings as they are compatible with the ASTM F 1087 standard.

The push fit fittings have simplified the installation of pipes, their design being such. They have been designed in such a manner that it takes only seconds to connect pipes and that too with ease.

It also gives a zero leak connection as the pex connectors are wrapped in spools which weigh less .Installation is also quicker and cheaper when it does not involve the running of the pipe.

The system of using pex fittings with pex tubing has specific advantages over plastic and metal piping. It is cost effective and requires fewer fittings. It is durable as it does not corrode.

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