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How IKEA Near Me Converted a Cluttered Spare Room into a Comfy Home Office

Work from home was never something I thought about before March of 2020. I had no home office set-up and no idea how to safeguard myself from distractions. Or organizing it.  I was at my wits’ end before an Ikea near me came to the rescue.

Ikea near me, IKEA Cardiff, Wales, UK

My office shut down and working from home became my new normal. I set up at the kitchen table, cramming my work materials on one end and squeezing everything so close together, it was nearly impossible to work around them.

With the kids and my partner at home, it wasn’t just space (or lack of it) I had to contend with. Every time my young kids needed a snack or water, I had to explain to them in detail why I didn’t have time for a story about their latest adventures right now.

It occurred to me to transfer our junk room into a home office to avoid such scenarios in the future. However, I didn’t even know where to start.

IKEA Near Me to the Rescue

One night I Googled “Ikea near me” and was immediately directed to the website of the Ikea closest to me. The website even provided me with a map so I could find the physical store.

There were also options for pick up and delivery for online orders.

I was able to browse by room and clicked office. I was then given the option to look at desks, storage, tables, and even lighting, and organizational accessories.

I was floored. So much of it was stylish, easily used desktop sorting, cable organizers to make my life easier, a corner desk to save space, and shelving made room for essential materials and decor.

What was best was that this furniture was not only functional and stylish, fitting my specific aesthetic but it was also all affordable. I started to form a picture in my mind but was still unsure how to set up my home office.

How IKEA Near Me Helped

Scrolling further I found a “Home Office Inspiration” which gave me countless ideas and I even noted that they had Remote Office Planning. I set up an appointment and hoped they could help me with my predicament.

The IKEA representative went over the floor plan and considered my tastes, budget, and practicality. They were kind and patient as I explained everything.

The Remote Office Planning session ended with everything I needed to turn that cluttered spare room into a beautiful home office.

Thank You, IKEA

I drove with my partner to the IKEA near me and picked up the furniture pieces and more, including potted plants. The salespeople were beyond helpful, pointing us in the right direction and even loading our furniture into the car.

Now I have a home office that works for me. I no longer have to contend with young children, my partner, and pets, or inefficient space juggling.

I enjoyed my new office so much, that I even took my hobbies there allowing maximum creativity and productivity.

I no longer wake every day agonizing over the logistics of my workspace and I have an Ikea near me to thank for that.

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