Hypnobirthing Courses in Amsterdam

Isis HypnoBirthing in Amsterdam offers a comprehensive and evidence-based, 5-week course to prepare your mind and body for your upcoming birthing experience.

Hypnobirthing Courses in Amsterdam

What To Expect

Through Isis Hypnobirthing Courses, you will gain essential knowledge and practice many different techniques that will lead to an easier and less stressful birthing experience.

If you are an expectant mother looking to have a natural, med-free, or water birth, our Hypnobirthing classes will help you feel confident and empowered with your decision.

A recent client of Isis Hypnobirthing Courses in Amsterdam, Wendy, explains her beautiful experience and how Hypnobirthing benefited not only her and her partner but their son, Lars, too.

Her deepest wish was to make the transition from womb to world as easy as possible for her son. She wanted as much information as possible about the birthing process, and through encouragement and information, Inbal was able to provide the confidence she needed to make her own decisions and do it her own way.

Baby Lars was born via at-home water birth, looking out to a sunrise and waves – the perfect most relaxing way to enter this world. The couple is convinced that his relaxing demeanor is due to his relaxed birth and pregnancy.


What Types of Hypnobirthing Courses are Offered in Amsterdam?

Isis Hypnobirthing Amsterdam offers different courses depending on your ideal birth plan:

Hypnobirthing Foundations

A combination of Hypnobirthing and Orgasmic Birth rituals, this course introduces you to these blended techniques from all over the world.

A couple in a Hypnobirthing Course in Amsterdam

Hypnobirthing Fundamentals

You and your partner will leave feeling confident that you’ve gained the optimal mind, body, and spiritual preparation needed for a smooth and powerful love-based birthing experience.


Birthing With Pleasure
Through her experience as a Hypnobirthing trainer, Doula, Yoga teacher, Chinese Medicine Practitioner, and Orgasmic Birth Facilitator, Inbal uses her knowledge to create a unique birthing experience that allows a woman to embrace and experience the ultimate pleasure during birth.


The journey of pregnancy and birth is one of the most special milestones a woman will ever experience, but it can also be one of the most challenging.

Isis Hypnobirthing offers women the tools to allow themselves to experience the best birth possible while accepting a state of wholeness that will create a peaceful, love-based passage for mother and baby.

As a woman, you will be forever grateful to the team at Isis Hypnobirthing Amsterdam for their energy, guidance, and strength.


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