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Israel has three large cities, all of them are fascinating. After Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, Haifa is one of the most exciting cities tourists surely won’t want to miss. So start planning your trip and looking for hotels in Haifa.

In this article, we give you some tips on the best city areas and why you need to pay attention, when booking a hotel in Haifa.

Haifa is one of the most exciting cities in Israel. You’ll see the Mediterranean Sea on one side and the green Carmel Mountains on the other side.

Two girls watchinig sunset at Haifa Hof Hacarmel Beach

Two girls watchinig sunset at Haifa Hof haCarmel, Dado Beach, Israel

A look through hotels in Haifa will show you different views, because the city is built on the mountain and every one of its areas is different and interesting.

Haifa is fascinating and offers you a wealth of attractions, including museums, parks, churches, the impressive Baha’i Gardens, pubs, clubs, and restaurants.

In the lower part of Haifa, you’ll find hotels within walking distance of the beach. From the top of Haifa, you can see the impressive views, walk between the city’s neighborhoods and visit one of the many gourmet restaurants.

When looking for Haifa hotels, you should know that the city is divided into neighborhoods and areas that each have its own charm.

Hotels in Haifa by Area

A look at the Haifa hotels will reveal that the city offers a wide range of options, and the views are different from anywhere in the city.

Every area in Haifa has its advantages, whether you choose to stay in a hotel by the sea, a hotel that overlooks the spectacular view from on high, or if you stay in one of its magical neighborhoods.

Haifa Hotels by the Sea

If you want to go to the beach in the mornings and evenings, you can find hotels in Haifa right on the water. Hotels at the Bat Galim neighborhood offer a unique experience, and you can wake up to the sound of waves.

The beaches of Haifa are characterized by clean, pleasant, and fine sand. At some beaches, you can rent surfing and other sports equipment. From the hotels on the sea, you can head up to the city, and take in the view and enjoy the abundance of attractions.

Hotels in Haifa With a Magical View

The advantage of spending time in Haifa is that you can find everything you can dream of and more. Hotels in Haifa often have extraordinary views – you can see the sea while staying in the city center, close to gorgeous green parks.

The city offers all this and much more. If you choose to stay further from the beach, you can enjoy the city’s unique neighborhoods, plenty of restaurants that offer an exceptional culinary experience, and various attractions nearby.

Boutique Hotels in Haifa Inside Its Neighborhoods

In Haifa, you’ll find small hotels with an emphasis on boutique and a more private experience. The German Colony (Ha-Moshava Ha-Germanit) in Haifa is one example of where you might want to stay.

From that area, you can see the Baha’i Gardens and walk among green trees, ancient buildings, and parks. From any neighborhood, you can easily reach any location in the city by foot or using public transportation.

Plenty of Reasons to Book a Hotel in Haifa

If you plan on vacationing in Israel and are still questioning whether to look at hotels in Haifa or not, the answer is that you’ll surely want to come here. Israel is a Jewish state, but Haifa is a mixed city with all religions. This makes it much more interesting and also more open for visitors on Saturdays and Jewish holidays.

The history of the city is felt everywhere – it has neighborhoods built back during the 19th century, museums that tell the story of its founding, and plenty of cultural experiences.

This is also reflected in the food you’ll find in Haifa. While many tourists talk about the abundance and variety that Israel has to offer in general, Haifa can give tourists even more. You’ll soon discover that hotels in Haifa offer you the opportunity for an extraordinary culinary experience.

Haifa offers you the perfect combination of beaches that you can relax on, clubs, museums for children and adults, and cafes. Now, it’s really the time to book a hotel in Haifa and start planning your trip.

Points of Interest in Haifa That You Won’t Want to Miss

Along with plenty of hotels in Haifa, you’ll find that the city has a lot to offer tourists. The third-largest city in Israel has attractions for you by sea, on land, and even in the air.

Here are some points of interest you might want to consider:

  • Baha’i Gardens – Beyond the fact that you can look at the gardens from the outside, you can book a tour starting from the top of the gardens, going through this beautiful park.
  • The German Colony (HaMoshava HaGermanit) – You can find a hotel in Haifa in the German Colony or just visit for a walk between houses from the 19th century. It’s a perfect place to stop for a coffee or a nice meal.
  • Wadi Nisnas – One of the most colorful neighborhoods you’ll find in Haifa with delicious and authentic local food. During the Christmas season, the neighborhood fills with the colors of the holiday.
  • The Cable Car – You can access the cable car from the upper or lower parts of the city. The journey takes about 5 minutes, and you can see the spectacular view that overlooks Lebanon from above.
  • Promenade – You can walk the Carmel Beach or in Bat Galim, over coastal strips, and enjoy the abundance of cafes and, of course, the Mediterranean Sea.
  • Museums – There are a variety of museums in Haifa, including the Science Museum, which is primarily intended for children but also fascinates adults.
  • Nature Reserve – The “Hai-Bar” reserve is located in the area of the University of Haifa, and it preserves endangered animals and integrates them back into nature.
  • Restaurants – In Haifa, you’ll find a wide variety of restaurants of any style or type you’re looking for. Hotels in Haifa usually offer breakfast, and some have full restaurants, but the general recommendation is to go out and taste everything that the city has to offer.

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