Bullet Proof Glass

Bullet proof glass looks quite similar to any ordinary glass. What makes it different is its ability to stop one or more bullets, depending on the firearm used, from penetrating it.

Manufacturers create the glasses in various strengths and thicknesses to protect against physical attacks. The strength of each glass depends on how much polycarbonate material is used.

The glass is definitely designed with the protection and safety of customers in mind.

When it comes to protection from dangerous weapons and unlawful intruders, having windows and doors with bullet proof capacity is the best solution.


Bullet Proof Glass


Bullet Proof Glass Benefits

Glasses that are fabricated to withstand bullet impact, forced entry, bomb blasts, attempted assault, and the like can protect anyone within its enclosure.

Whatever wicked intentions are aimed at a person, a facility, or a building, the glass can stand as a barrier against the attack to ensure a high degree of security.

When it comes to the first line of defense against bullets, detonations, and other unwanted attacks, fabricated security glasses take on the job effectively.

They can be used in residential buildings, airports, banks, and other areas where optimum security is required. The effects of outside threat can be prevented or completely stopped with the installation of secure glasses.

Bullet proof glass absorbs the impact of any high impact object, which makes it more secure than regular glass. Keep in mind that when regular glass shatters, it spreads tiny dangerous bits of shards all over the place.

When the force of the impact is absorbed, it prevents the creation of small fragmentations that may injure people within a set radius.

Bullet Proof Glass Applications

Bullet proof glass is not only used to protect people from physical attacks, but also to prevent criminals from escaping detention.

Bullet proof glass can be used in many applications including government buildings, airports, commercial centers, industrial facilities, residences, and other areas that are prone target areas for attacks.

There are various types of glasses to choose from offering different features. They can be customized and enhanced to provide better protection.

Some glasses are further enhanced and fabricated to withstand blasts and forced entry attempts. The type of glass to use will depend on the level of security required in the area where it will be installed.

Bullet proof glass is not only used to protect people from physical attacks, but also to prevent criminals from escaping detention.

When it comes to securing a perimeter and preventing attempts of escape, security glasses are the best option. With the ability to withstand strong and prolonged impact, the glass can repel any attempts for criminals to break out of their detention areas.

Both glass and polycarbonate material work hand in hand to provide a strong and secure barrier against intrusion and extrusion.


The installation of bullet proof glass is an expensive security measure, but the level of security it provides is priceless.

It can withstand impact to prevent bullets from hitting their intended target, protect people from the dangers of nearby explosions, stops criminals from escaping their detention areas, and provide other security benefits.

Keep in mind to order security glasses from reputable suppliers and manufacturers to ensure best quality.

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