Alguard™ is a totally natural ingredient that can produce wonderful benefits for the skin. In today’s world where almost everybody is concerned about the environmental effects of the products they are using, the importance of using all-natural effective ingredients in skin care products is a priority. In the skin care industry, manufacturers are constantly ensuring that the materials they use for their products are effective and natural, but still produce quality results.

Alguard™ Overview

Even in extreme environmental conditions such as that the world’s ocean tidal zones, the porphyridium sp. or the red microalgae survives despite harsh temperature, acidity, extreme UV radiation, salinity, and hydration. The reason is a simple yet powerful biological product called Alguard™, a sulfated polysaccharide released by the algae to act not only as a physical shield, but as an active shield surrounding the cell structure as a means of protection. The method of extracting Alguard™ for skin protection is now a natural process patented by Frutarom.

The Growth Process

The collection of Alguard™ can be used to provide beauty products with a natural ingredient for skin protection. Like the outer layer of the algae, our skin is usually exposed to environmental conditions that may destroy its natural outer beauty. Hence, harnessing the power of Alguard™ will definitely bring skin care to a whole new level.

Frutarom starts the growth process with the cultivation of the algae in climates that mimic its natural environment.  The algae are placed in sterile containers and are monitored carefully as they grow. They are then transferred to bioreactors outdoors to encourage the production of the polysaccharide that will provide the active shield ingredient.

The finished product has a silky smooth texture and unlike other products gathered from algae, it only has a small amount of odor. Keep in mind that this growth process and production of Alguard™ is 100% patented by Frutarom.

Benefits of Using Alguard™

The polysaccharide has multiple uses and benefits for the skin. For instance, it can protect the skin against irritants and prevent it from oxidation. It protects the skin against the damaging rays of the sun and prevents the adhesion of microorganisms on the skin surface. When it comes to beauty, it enhances the texture of the skin by reducing roughness seconds after application. It also reduces the visibility of wrinkles to promote a younger look and gives the skin surface a glossy appearance.

In summary, the ingredient can be used as a great component for products designed for anti-aging, sun protection, and total skin protection.

It is fit for products such as lotions, creams, and gels. As to properties, it is colorless, odorless, and has a silky smooth texture. This makes it an ideal ingredient for any skin care product.

Nature is the best source of wellness and its products are not the result of chance. They are tested for thousands or even millions of years in order to produce the best ingredients we can exploit for our own use.

The survival of the red algae in extreme conditions has been due to the production of Alguard™ which can now be naturally processed to allow the production of excellent skin care products for consumers worldwide.

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